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Matthias Aust

Automotive Operations- and Improvement Enthusiast

Performance improvement and implementation of restructuring measures to lead companies into a future.

from 01.10.2024
Interim Manager since: 12/2022
Update: 15.04.2024

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Freiberuflicher Berater und Interimsmanager im Bereich Operations und Unternehmensführung, 89520 Heidenheim

Albrecht-Duerer-Str. 62
D-89520 Heidenheim
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10.01.1969 (Age:55)

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I work as a management consultant and interim COO/CEO in the automotive industry. Currently I study at the IFUS of the SRH to become formally a restructuring and reorganization consultant (graduation: June 2024).
My experience ranges from the implementation of growth and internationalization strategies to restructuring, currently together with a top 5 consultancy, for the strategic realignment and improvement of the operational performance of a TIER 1 automotive supplier.
Functonally I can offer to become a consultant, an operative acting interimsmanager as COO, CEO with or without an executive position.
I would like to emphasize that due to my career, which I started as a tool mechanic, I can easily reach people of different backgrounds and achieve the goals set through ambition, role model function, professional competence, systematic approach and resilience.

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