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Tobias Höft

B2B Sales Excellence-Business Development-Interim Manager

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from 01.04.2024
Interim Manager since: 04/2023
Update: 18.02.2024

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Date of birth
25.07.1978 (Age:45)

Short profile

I provide support in the areas of sales strategy, key account management, business development, transformation, order management, service performance and customer service.

I have many years of experience in the development and expansion of national and international markets as well as goal-oriented implementation and management with KPIs.
My experience includes the development, transformation and management of international sales teams as well as the sustainable and active further development and implementation of efficiency-enhancing processes.
As an experienced sales professional, Global Head of Sales and business developer, I will make your company fit for the future and guide your entire team through the transformation and further expansion of your business - increasing efficiency through growth, change and expansion.
My strengths lie in the development of new business models, establishing and expanding new markets and implementing transformation and structuring processes.
Experience overview
After studying electrical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), I worked as a developer and division manager for power quality and transformers before moving to international sales at Leoni AG in 2008. I built up/expanded markets in DACH, China, India and the USA in the HealthCare sector. After successfully completing an MBA in English, I was responsible for the international HealthCare business as Global Sales Manager from 2014. From 2017, as Global Business Development Manager, I took over responsibility for setting up NAFTA and spent 2 years in the USA/Mexico. I was responsible for setting up a US sales network, R&D offices in Detroit and a production plant in MEX for cable assemblies. In 2019, I joined the Prysmian Group as Global Head of Sales to take responsibility for 8 business units. The focus was on restructuring the global team and expanding the international project business. I have been working as an Interim Manager since April 2023.
  • Building a Company / Business
  • Business Development
  • Change Management
  • Yield Increase
  • Management
Global Business Development Manager
Global Head of Sales
Role in the company
  • 2nd Level / Division Management / Department Management
  • Projekt Manager (Leitung)
Industry experience
  • Plant Engineering
  • Construction Industry (incl. Suppliers)
  • Chemistry
Type of company
  • Corporation / Group
  • Medium-sized Enterprise
  • Start-up
Regions (Regions where you have proven experience)
  • Asia
  • Europe (EU)
  • North america
  • Dubai
  • India
  • German (Muttersprache)
  • English (Verhandlungssicher)
Special skills
Hohes Technologieverständnis
Sicher im internationalen und interkulturellen Umfeld
Entwickeln erfolgreicher Teams und Führungskräfte
Fordern und Fördern von Talenten
Unternehmerisches Denken
Macher mit Hands-onMentalität

IM projects (self employed)

Company description

Medium-sized manufacturer of inks and color pigments for laser printing and market leader in Germany. Development, production and sales from Germany

City / place
Stein, Bayern
Reason for dismissal
Das Unternehmen ist einer der drei Marktführer in Deutschland und der EU. Auf Grund des wachsenden Wettbewerbsdruckes müssen neue Absatzmärkte gefunden werden um weiterhin Wachstum zu erzeugen. Der Geschäftsführende Gesellschafter ist Techniker und benötigt fachliche Expertise im Bereich Markenschutz, Patentschutz und Markteintrittsstrategien für den neuen Zielmarkt Markt USA.
Project 1
Holistic strategy development for building up USA business, advice on brand protection and patent protection; 
Preparation of market analysis, competitor analysis, as well as evaluation of current market position; reorganization and 
reorganization of marketing concept, homepage; active implementation and support for successful market 
market entry.
Project 2
Transformation / expansion of sales processes to double sales and restructure the sales organization. 
sales organization.
Measures taken
Ermittlung des Stauts Quo, gemeinsame festlegung erreichbarer Ziele und erstellung eines Gant-Charts um abteilungsübergreifende Projektarbeit zu gewährleisten.
Achieved Achievements
Preparation of the market entry strategy incl. competitive analysis within 2 months. 
Determination of market entry and necessary product adaptations incl. brand protection & patent protection within 3 months.
Proposals for adapting the sales organization in preparation for doubling sales and renewing the homepage / market presence. 
As the project is still running, further successes will follow.
Special challenges
Due to internal personnel adjustments, some interruptions were necessary so that the internal capacity was no longer available and had to be focused on day-to-day business.

Company description

Internationaler Hersteller von Kabeln im Datacom Markt, sowie Daten und Kommunikationsnetzwerke.

Company turnover in Mio $
60000000 Mio USD
Number of employees in company
City / place
Reason for dismissal
Nach der Flut 2021 wurde zunächst der Bereich Datacom wieder aufgebaut. Der Geschäftsbereich Industrie war nicht vorhanden und sollte komplett neu aufgebaut werden inkl. Markenname, neues Produktportfolio, Marketing und Vertriebsorganisation.
Area of responsibility (sales and employees)
Division management and development.
In the first year a turnover of 1M€ in the second year a turnover of 3M€ The number of employees grows steadily from 3 to 25 and continues to grow.
The scope of the project ranges from protecting the new brand name, defining the first product families to be produced, creating the market presence / marketing measures to selecting the first customers, approaching them directly through to series production and expanding the sales organization.
Measures taken
Very close project management and rolling out change management methods for the short-term implementation of the previously defined strategy and goals.
Constant small adjustments for team involvement and distribution in small project successes to keep motivation high.
Achieved Achievements
Market launch and roll-out of the marketing strategy after 3 months. 
Series production of the first three product families after four months. 
Sales result in the 6-digit range after 6 months.
Special challenges
Internal political rejection of the establishment of the Industry division by other departments.
Convincing long-standing employees and field staff.

Work history (permanent employment)

International & largest manufacturer of cables and wires for low-medium and high-voltage cables in all industrial sectors

City / place
-Disciplinary and technical management of the international business unit managers, the global service department and the technical sales support team totaling approx. 30 people
-Profit and loss responsibility for 8 different business units, totaling approx. 130M€ (Cranes, Mines,
pumps, medical technology, rail vehicles, marine, defense, nuclear)
-Strategic adjustment, alignment to increase sales and profits

Manufacturer of cables and wires, as well as system supplier for cable systems and assemblies for the automotive, telecom, medical technology and industrial sectors

City / place
-Project management "Market development NAFTA" including the establishment of the new production site in Mexico and the sales/development office in the USA
-Development, implementation and adaptation of all relevant processes for the NAFTA area
-Establishment of new production sites in India
-Responsible for global market expansion and implementation of new sales structures
-Restructuring of existing sales teams outside Europe with a special focus on NAFTA

Manufacturer of cables and wires, as well as system supplier for cable systems and assemblies for the automotive, telecom, medical technology and industrial sectors

City / place
-Disciplinary and technical leadership of the 6 International Key Account Managers of the global BU HC Sales team, who are deployed to provide comprehensive support to key customers or global markets
-Global responsibility for General Electric as Key Account Manager for medical technology
-Profit and loss responsibility, as well as controlling of the entire sales team totaling approx. 30M€
-Definition of support structures and negotiation strategies
-Reporting to the global VP of the BU

Manufacturer of cables and wires, as well as system supplier for cable systems and assemblies for the automotive, telecom, medical technology and industrial sectors

City / place
-Global responsibility for the OEM General Electric HealthCare
-Contract negotiations such as global framework agreement, global price lists and purchase commitments
-Budget responsibility for OEM
-Development of new market segments and acquisition of new customers
-Development of new market strategies including market analyses
-Participation and presentations at international trade fairs and symposia
-Reporting to the global VP of the HealthCare business unit


Notes / specifics
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