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Volker Oßendoth

Interim Manager & Advisor with Passion for Data & Analytics

Data Democratization: Shared Insights. Collective Success.

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Interim Manager since: 10/2022
Update: 11.05.2024

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D.Insights, Düsseldorf

In der Gartenstadt 73
D-40470 Düsseldorf

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+49 1731725154

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Date of birth
15.01.1975 (Age:49)

Short profile

As a passionate data & analytics leader, I support companies in the conception and implementation of innovative data strategies. My goal is data democratization through dynamic organizations - such as Data Mesh - as well as innovative data architectures - such as Data Fabric and Data Lakehouse.
With over 20 years of professional experience in various management positions in consulting and user companies, I combine methodological expertise with leadership skills. In addition, I have excellent communication skills in order to convey complex contexts and strategies in a way that is appropriate to the target audience.
Experience overview
Volker Oßendoth is an experienced expert in the field of data & analytics with a passion for digital transformation. As the founder of D.Insights, he advises companies and provides interim management to strengthen data-driven organizations. With a joint MBA from Birmingham Business School and Montpellier Business School as well as a computer science diploma, he brings with him in-depth knowledge of strategic management and data architecture. His extensive experience spans industries such as retail, telecommunications and consulting. As head of data departments, he worked at companies such as Perfumerie Douglas, Unitymedia and Ernst & Young. His expertise lies in data strategy, project management and agile processes. He speaks German and English fluently and has a passion for sailing, tennis and playing the piano.
  • Digitization
  • Project Management
  • Building a Company / Business
  • Consulting
  • Change Management
  • Information Technology
  • Data & Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
Role in the company
  • 2nd Level / Division Management / Department Management
  • Consultant, Advisor
  • Program Manager
  • Projekt Manager (Leitung)
Industry experience
  • Trade
  • Banks
  • Mobility
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet and Information Technology
Type of company
  • Corporation / Group
  • Medium-sized Enterprise
  • Owner-managed / Family Business
Regions (Regions where you have proven experience)
  • Europe (EU)
  • German (Muttersprache)
  • English (Verhandlungssicher)
  • French (Gut)
Special skills
  • Business IntelligenceData & Analytics
  • Development and execution of BI / Data Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Management of Innovation & Change
  • Vendor SourcingSoftware Selection
  • Program and Demand Management

IM projects (self employed)

Company description

Company turnover in Mio $
3700 Mio USD
Number of employees in company
City / place
Company turnover in Mio $
621 Mio USD
Number of employees in company
City / place

Work history (permanent employment)

City / place
Interims Management & Advisory in Data & Analytics
City / place
Head of the D&A department
(Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Processing teams)
Responsible for enterprise data warehouse & reporting and analytics
Establishment of new, integrated analytical platform (data lakehouse)
Organizational change and introduction of agile processes
Establishment of Data Governance
Monetization of data
City / place
Responsible for demand management, business analysis and project management within BICC
Management of organizational change within BICC regarding demand organization, processes and methodologies
Introduction of new data warehouse architecture (data vault)
Introduction of agile principles to implementation process
City / place
Business development "Data & Analytics"
Advisory with focus on BI Strategy, Governance and Architecture
Project management in multinational projects
City / place
Advisory in BI strategy, BI architecture and BI governance in various sectors, including telecommunications, banking, retail, media
Business development "BI strategy" and "BI governance"
Competence team leader "BI Governance & Architecture"
Responsible for Business Intelligence R&D program
City / place
Business Partner of the Business Intelligence Competence Centre
Project management
Business analysis and BI implementation
City / place
Business analysis
IT Design and Software Development
Lead of competence team "Geographical Information Systems"
City / place
Business analysis
Software development


Notes / specifics
Joined Master of Business Administration
with focus on Strategic Management, Management of Innovation and Change, International Business Organization, Project Management

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