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Marc Kresin

Designing your digital future

Business Agility in digital competition

from 31.12.2024
Interim Manager since: 10/2022
Update: 11.04.2024

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Agent-K Consulting Venture Capital GmbH, Kassel

An der Buchmühle 5
D-34270 Schauenburg

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19.11.1974 (Age:49)

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Achieving Business Agility Together in the Digital Competition

My name is Marc Kresin. I am a graduate in Business Informatics. Over the course of more than 20 years, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding individuals and implement exciting projects. Throughout my career, I have passionately taken on various roles:
Primarily, I have worked with clients in the retail, energy, and telecommunications sectors. My professional focus areas have included CRM, eCommerce, digital marketing, and logistics. My great passion lies in combining innovative technology with immense creativity and an appealing customer experience to make you, as my client, more successful in the competition. I look forward to engaging in a discussion with you.
Experience overview

I help you succeed through friendliness, clarity and expertise in:

  • Digitalization
  • Lean and Agile practices
  • Cloud
  • eCommerce, XRM, CRM, SCM, ERP
  • Artificial Intelligence

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